Friday, 9 July 2010

The Rolling Stones Magazine Advert...

This is a close up of the DVD cover on the advert. It shows people what to look for in the shops.
The advert also shows the date that the DVD is in store and the website for the store it's in.
There's normally a punch line to attract the target audience. For example young children or older people.
A picture of the artist is normally in the center of the advert to attract people's attention and allows them to be familiar with the new things they're releasing.

Steps DVD Case...

The inside of the DVD cover shows all the albums they have released over the years. This shows their success and shows their career highlights. It also shows the dates of their Gold tour which was their final tour. The music videos show what their tour would be like and what people can expect when going to see them live.

The back of the DVD cover tells the audience what people can experience from the DVD by writing a blurb. It also shows a list of songs which you can watch the videos for and tell you how long each song runs. It also contains still images from each video show all the different members of the band. It also has a barcode, website and copyright information.
The front cover has a picture of the artists in costumes related to the DVD title, 'Gold'. It shows all the members of the band has a clear title of the band name.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

This would be for our DVD cover because it shows the artists and the two main people in the video.

It shows their costume they wore for the video and their movements and pose shows their personality which appears in the video.

This photo would be for the back DVD cover, we picture it as underneath the writing. It shows another location of the music video for people to see what our video is like.

We want this picture to be repeated along the binder of our DVD


Genre Characteristics- Clothing matched the genre, different locations, dancing, hair and make up, bright colours.
Visuals/Lyrics- Lip syncing was good, didn't really reference the lyrics.
Visuals/Music- Dancing, flashing lights in time with the music, editing also in time with music- jumping between lips.
Need to sell artist- showed more than one ability by dancing, a lot of screen time for both artists.
Intertextuality- None
Voyeurism- Obejctification- close up on lips.

Still images.

These are pictures we took while we were filming.


Good lip syncing with the music, even though there wasn't too many lyrics but still a good job. (Y)
Dancing was synced with the music very well. Dance routine was really good, used all the space of the camera shot.
Changes of location was well done aswell, good transitions.
Extreme close-up was very good, the way they changed colour. Good use of voyeurism.
Genre is clear with use of costume, e.g. hats, clothes.
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